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Straits Marine Limited was established in 2012 to target a gap and opportunities in Gibraltar’s Maritime Industry. The initial aim was to focus in Marine Consultancy, Surveying, Contingency Planning and Emergency Response.

Since 2012, Straits Marine has been offering a wide spectrum of Maritime services in Gibraltar but over the years has evolved and diversified its services to a wide Global Operation.

Initially, Straits Marine started as a surveying company, offering local consultancy services. It quickly expanded worldwide and has been involved in international projects including salvage operations, vessels sales, chartering, ship & yacht management, crewing, training, and complex maritime security related projects.

Recently, Straits Marine has been focusing on sustainable projects in line with current developments with goals and determination on improving the sustainability of the shipping industry in terms of social, environmental and economic impacts and with the aim of decarbonisation by 2050.


Interlink Maritime provides technical and commercial services to ship owners and ship managers around the globe. Interlink has been founded by Ahmet Çağdaş GÜNAY. We are building solid relationships with our partners and clients providing fast innovative solutions globally. 40 years of experience and expertise on ship repairs, conversions and involving in many complex repair and conversion projects provide strong knowledge and background on any type of projects contracted with Interlink. Every services we offer from Interlink Maritime is supervised and followed by highly qualified industry experts which meets with customer expectations. We are offering Services 24/7 on ship repairs and technical solutions all around Turkey and worldwide.

Vision and Commitment

Interlink always place customer needs at first. Our aim is to honor this principle no matter how much we grow and evolve. Therefore as very simple objective to be primary customer Center business by making sure that right services with right expert is always in the right place to deliver high-quality services as you expect.

Our Guiding Principles

  • To maintain our world-class service capable of delivering wide range of services are truly complete and tailor-made for each client needs
  • To keep developing strong relationship with international market players while maintaining of strict standards of due diligence
  • To keep investing in our people
  • To grow our business through delivering services that targeted on maximizing of profitability of our customers businesses
  • To never compromise on our boutique shop mentality within each services we provide